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Colorado Infused Product Tour & Baking Class

keef-colaInfused products are becoming increasing popular as a smoke free way of consuming cannabis. Because of the way marijuana is metabolized, ingesting marijuana generally produces a stronger and longer-lasting effect.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours offers an unique look into the manufacturing of a carbonated infused drink, Keef Cola.

Keef Cola has also developed an oil stick.

“Keef Cola delivers the best tasting Medical Marijuana Beverage in Colorado. Effects can be felt in minutes b/c of our unique process from plant to bottle. Flavors: Blue Dream, Orange Kush, Flo Energy, Cherry Bomb, and Bubba Kush Root Beer.

Keef Cola and all of its products are intended to provide a breath of fresh air into the world of medicine. We feel that patients of all kinds should be able to choose what type of medicine fits them best. We infuse each of our products with a dose of Vitamin C and B-3-6-12 along with a healthy amount of regulated THC”. Edibles List.

Your Colorado Rocky Mountain High experience begins when you check into your hotel. A “Welcome to Colorado” gift basket with your choice of Keef Colas, Hammond Chocolates (non-medicated, Colorado oldest candy manufacturer), Colorado cannabis, and smoking paraphernalia.

The limo and cannabis connoisseur will greet you at 12:00 at the hotel. The cannabis connoisseur will answer your questions about the laws, regulations, strains, medical benefits and infused products. The tour begins with a buying stop at MMJ America where you will be impressed with the extensive selection and knowledgeable staff. We will visit Mile High Pipe and Glass and then on to Keef Cola for a tour of their production facility.

Next stop is a cannabis baking class at Green Labs, where you will learn the fine art of baking with cannabis and leave with fresh baked medicated cookies. The baking class is taught by the owners of Better Baked LLC, Denver’s premiere edible bakery.


The Colorado Infused Product and Baking Class is Noon to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday beginning January 3, 2015.
$295 per person.
Reservations Required.

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Stoner Luxury Tour

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The Stoner Luxury Tour

For the cannabis connoisseur desiring discretion and luxury.

You deserve the Best!

Tour includes a commercial grow operation and recreational marijuana shops

Saturdays 1:00 – 5:00

$175 per guest

The limo will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.

The concierge will answer your questions about strains, quality, edibles, the politics and activism surrounding Colorado’s recreational marijuana.

Each guest receives a personal bag of gourmet snacks and a stash box containing a glass pipe, papers, and a lighter.  The limo is stocked with a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

WELCOME TO COLORADO gift baskets are available and will be delivered to your room prior to check-in. Call for pricing. 720-557-1995

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Wayward Bill Walking Tour


In Denver for a conference or convention, and want to know where to find the “best” in downtown Denver –

Discover the retail marijuana shops of downtown Denver while exploring the “Mile High” history of the city. Wayward Bill,  is a national and local marijuana reform activist, and provides a rare insight into the politics and culture of pot in Colorado. Wayward Bill is the acting Chairman of the United States Marijuana Party, popular tv host, a favorite media guest,  public speaker, event organizer, Cannabis Business Association Event Infrastructure Manager, and Mr. Cannabis.

photo by Kim Sidwell

The daily tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is $50 per person.  To book your tour email  or call Wayward at 720-628-2639  between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm MST.


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The Beat Generation Tour – “On the Road” with Neal and Jack

beatscorbis460The phrase “Beat Generation” was coined by Jack Kerouac in 1948. Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, and Allen Ginsberg were the original “beat generation.” Explore their Denver history and haunts with “beat generation” historian and writer, Zack Kopp in the comfort of a “smoking” limo. Please bring your own bud. Non-Smoking tours available.

In keeping with the spirit of these notorious authors our tour begins with a cocktail around the piano at Charlie Brown’s in the Colburn Hotel, with a brief “Beat” introduction by Zack Kopp. Marijuana consumption is legal in the limo. B.Y.O.P. (Smoking paraphernalia is available in the limo) The limo is stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.

The Beat Generation Tour travels through downtown, LoDo and Five Points (the Harlem of the West). Our last stop before returning to the Colburn Hotel is My Brother’s Bar for hamburgers, beers and stories. cassadyletter

“I pictured myself in a Denver bar that night, with all the gang, and in their eyes I would be strange and ragged and like the Prophet who has walked across the land to bring the dark Word, and the only Word I had was ‘Wow!”            On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Cost per person $175 includes cocktails at The Colburn and Burgers (or other sandwiches) and beers at My Brother’s Bar.

Please specify smoking or non smoking tour


Saturday,  September 13th 1:00 – 5:00

Reservations Required

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Exploring Denver’s Historic Neighborhoods Tour

Denver has beautiful historic neighborhoods, each with an unique shopping district and personality.  Your guided tour will begin with a stop at a retail marijuana shop (or bring your own). All our limos are stocked with water, sodas, and gourmet snacks. Alcoholic beverages upon request. Marijuana smoking is allowed in the limo.

Tour options are

South Pearl Street, Old South Gaylord Street, Washington Park, and Larimer Square.

Larimer Square, LoDo, and The Highlands 

Downtown Denver, Capitol Hill, City Park, Cheeseman Park, including a tour of The Brown Palace Hotel or Molly Brown’s House 

LarimerSquareDenverLarimer Square is an area as rich in history as it is in fine shopping and dining. It is the  Mile High City’s oldest and most historic block.

The history of what we now know as Denver goes back to the 19th century land claims. In 1858, Colorado was born as news of gold spread east. Green Russell and a party of Georgians made the first gold strike that summer. They settled at the point where Speer Boulevard crosses Larimer Street today and called their camp Auraria. Soon another group arrived and set up town stakes across the creek and called their settlement St. Charles (about where the Granite building now stands on the corner of 15th and Larimer Streets). Then most of the second group went back to Kansas during the winter to register their township and stock up on provisions to return in the spring.

antiqueJust after their departure, another group from Kansas arrived at St. Charles headed by General William H. Larimer Jr. He liked what he found and immediately staked out a town for himself as he sent his sidekicks off to Leavenworth. They arrived before the original St. Charles representatives and “jumped” the claim, renaming the town site Denver City after James Denver, the territorial governor of Kansas. The main street was named after General Larimer. Larimer and his son constructed a 16-foot by 20-foot cabin shortly after they arrived. The down-to-earth General had an interesting sense of humor; the doors to his cabin were coffin lids! Also, his cabin had the only “glass” window in Denver.

old-south-gaylordThe Old South Gaylord Shopping District is the second oldest shopping district in Denver. Old South Gaylord St., was founded in 1924.  It was a cable car turn-around for the Denver City Tramway Company until the 1950’s when the streetcars were replaced with buses.

77797_near_s_pearl_st_s_iowa_ave_denver The Old South Pearl Shopping District, located on several blocks of South Pearl St. It is a favorite shopping destination of many Denverites. In June of 1893, the Denver Tramway Company extended it’s trolley car line from Alameda to Jewell Avenue along South Pearl Street. A few years later, tracks were completed south to Evans and then east to service the growing University of Denver. The University of Denver quickly became known as Tramway Tech and the building boom was on.

$175 per person. 

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Evergreen Mountain Tour

Begin this guided tour with a stop into one of Denver’s many fine retail marijuana shops. Relax and enjoy your limo ride and bud, all guests receive a box of gourmet munchies and smoking paraphernalia, and lunch is included.

lake houseThe 45 minute ride to Evergreen offers a postcard perfect view of the Rocky Mountains. There will be a short stop at the Buffalo Heard Overlook and at Evergreen Lake.

Evergreen Lake was created by damming Bear Creek in 1927. The town of Evergreen is nestled along Bear Creek, just below the dam. The historic buildings house boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants.

There will be time for shopping, a beer at the notorious and legendary  Little Bear Saloon, and lunch at Creekside Cellar.

Evergreen_Inside_ScoopEvergreen is surrounded by thousands of acres of parks: Bergen Park, Corwina Park, Dedisse Park, Dillon Park, Fillius Park, O’Fallon Park and Pence Park in Indian Hills, Alderfer/Three Sisters, Elk Meadow, Lair o’ the Bear, and Mount Falcon Park in Indian Hills. Herds of elk and deer are abundant. Our tour will return to Denver via scenic Bear Creek Canyon.


$350 per person for groups of four, $295 per person for groups of six, $275 per person for groups of eight  For larger groups please contact us for pricing.


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Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater Tour

Begin this tour with a stop into one of Denver’s many fine retail marijuana shops. Relax and enjoy your limo ride and bud, all guests receive a box of gourmet munchies and smoking paraphernalia.

red rocksAt 6,450 feet above sea level, Red Rocks Park is a transitional zone where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Some of the rock formations in Red Rocks slope as much as 90 degrees, while others tilt backwards. The southern monolith, that bears resemblance to a ship, is named “Ship Rock.” On the opposite side of the Amphitheatre stands “Creation Rock.” Both of the monoliths are taller than Niagara Falls, and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre was once listed as among the Seven Wonders of the World.

The most unique feature of the park is Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This geological phenomenon opened to music venues June 15, 1941 and seats 9,450. Red Rocks Amphitheater is the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world.

PHO-rock-n-roll-hallway-Don-Peitzman-photo-contest-10.13.09-SMMany artists have released audio and video recordings of their performances at Red Rocks. Dave Matthews Band, The Samples, Incubus, The Moody Blues, John Tesh, Ricky Lee Jones, Rob Thomas, String Cheese Incident, Stevie Nicks, Boukman Eksperyans and Bill and Gloria Gaither, to name a few. One of the most famous concert videos ever released was from U2’s 1983 Under the Blood Red Sky tour, when a fully mulleted Bono belted out “Sunday Bloody Sunday” amid a hypnotic fog and rock formations festooned with massive flames. The Performers Hall of Fame is a tribute to the legendary performances at Red Rocks, including The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix.

ship rock grillExplore Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s great photo opts. We will tour The Performers Hall of Fame.

Friday 1:00-5:00

$175 per guest

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Georgetown, Silver Plume, and the Georgetown Loop Railroad Tour

5f5dea4abfecae21641a43520924a43b_w600_h600_scaledBegin this tour with a stop into one of Denver’s many fine retail marijuana shops. Relax and enjoy your limo ride into the beautiful Rocky Mountains. All guests receive a box of gourmet munchies and smoking paraphernalia. Your concierge will talk about the history of Georgetown, Silver Plume, the Georgetown Loop Railroad and Colorado’s gold rush, silver rush and the “green rush.”

Georgetown is nestled in the mountains along Clear Creek. This historic town sits at an elevation of 8,530 feet. The town was established in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. In the 1900’s the town was referred to as ‘Sliver Queen of Colorado’. Two steam locomotics are preserved, maintained and operated in Georgetown and Silver Plume. The Georgetown Loop was completed in 1884. This spectaular stretch of three-foot narrow gauge railroad was an engineering marvel. The railroad route is 4.5 miles long and ascends an elevation of 640 feet through mountainous terrain along with trestles, cuts, fills, and a grand loop.  238b10d05a572fc283856b73516aa9f9_w600_h600_scaled

Spend time browsing the charming shops of Georgetown, then board the train for a breathtakingly beautiful ride to Silver Plume. You will dine at the unique and off the beaten path Silver Plume Tea Shop, Tea Room and Antique Shop. The building was built of Silver Plume granite in 1889. It was originally a mercantile and then”The Miner’s Saloon.” The ambiance and homemade foods make this a favorite.  DSCF3721b

Tour available after May 10. $350 per person

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