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Colorado Infused Product Tour & Baking Class

keef-colaInfused products are becoming increasing popular as a smoke free way of consuming cannabis. Because of the way marijuana is metabolized, ingesting marijuana generally produces a stronger and longer-lasting effect.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours offers an unique look into the manufacturing of a carbonated infused drink, Keef Cola.

Keef Cola has also developed an oil stick.

“Keef Cola delivers the best tasting Medical Marijuana Beverage in Colorado. Effects can be felt in minutes b/c of our unique process from plant to bottle. Flavors: Blue Dream, Orange Kush, Flo Energy, Cherry Bomb, and Bubba Kush Root Beer.

Keef Cola and all of its products are intended to provide a breath of fresh air into the world of medicine. We feel that patients of all kinds should be able to choose what type of medicine fits them best. We infuse each of our products with a dose of Vitamin C and B-3-6-12 along with a healthy amount of regulated THC”. Edibles List.

Your Colorado Rocky Mountain High experience begins when you check into your hotel. A “Welcome to Colorado” gift basket with your choice of Keef Colas, Hammond Chocolates (non-medicated, Colorado oldest candy manufacturer), Colorado cannabis, and smoking paraphernalia.

The limo and cannabis connoisseur will greet you at 12:00 at the hotel. The cannabis connoisseur will answer your questions about the laws, regulations, strains, medical benefits and infused products. The tour begins with a buying stop at MMJ America where you will be impressed with the extensive selection and knowledgeable staff. We will visit Mile High Pipe and Glass and then on to Keef Cola for a tour of their production facility.

Next stop is a cannabis baking class at Green Labs, where you will learn the fine art of baking with cannabis and leave with fresh baked medicated cookies. The baking class is taught by the owners of Better Baked LLC, Denver’s premiere edible bakery.


The Colorado Infused Product and Baking Class is Noon to 4:00 p.m. every Saturday beginning January 3, 2015.
$295 per person.
Reservations Required.

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